Ever since the inception of bitcoin in 2009, numerous cryptocurrencies have begun to resurface as these digital currencies are gaining acceptance from individuals globally. One such currency is the recently launched electronium.

Launching on November  2017. Electroneum has been designed to be used for online gambling and mobile gaming, the first of its kind. Before going public, it was valued at $0.01 for one electroneum. Its however worth noting that this cryptocurrency does not receive payments in USD, you need to buy them either in bitcoins or Ethereum.

To get started with your passive income investment, First you will need to set up a coinbase account. This is for purchasing bitcoins and etherium. You will then advance to login to electroneum and setup that transaction. They will offer you with an ewallet adress where you will finally head to your coinbase account and purchase electroneum with the bitcoins and ethereum purchased.

Despite receiving some negative publicity, cryptocurrencies are increasingly becoming popular as not only are they easy to use and convenient but also they are extremely profitable. There are numerous reasons as to why one should invest in electroneum, the new cryptocurrency in 2017. Some of the benefits of investing in electroneum are as thus.

  1. Ease of mining and management.

Electroneums’ app allows one to easily mine and manage their cryptocurrencies all at once. Compared to bitcoins and etherium, electroneum has taken convience to a whole new level as it has reduced complexity established by its predecessors and made it possible to conduct transactions through your smartphone.

  1. Increased palatability.

With total number of coins said to be around 21 billion, this has helped reduce the many decimal points, by two pints to the left, as compared to the those contained in other currencies such as the bitcoins giving it an even more “real money figure”.

  1. Transparent ownership.

Unlike bitcoins case where its developers are still anonymous, for electroneum, they clearly aren’t hiding anything as everything has been clearly explained on what the company refers to as a white paper. The owners profiles have been posted on the site and everything about their daily operations has been clearly stated.

  1. Zero-technical ability required to mine.

Provided you have a smartphone and good internet connectivity then you are good to go. Electroneums’ developers made its so simple in such a way that as long as you have the app installed you can mine as much electroneum as you want.

  1. Its focus on gaming and gambling markets

We all know the potential that these two markets offer. The coin has the ability to increase in value due to the high number of gamers and gamblers globally. The larger the

  1. High possibilty to evolve in future.

With most of these cryptocurrencies being decentralised, electroneum has been centralised through its app. This makes it easier to change some aspects of the app and adjust some of its components so as to fit in the ever change dynamic financial world.

Well, considering these facts, its no doubt that electroneum is going to be the best new cryptocurrency in 2017 so far. However, Just like any other investment, electroneum is not an easy money-in-the bank and one should only invest what they can afford. As most of these cryptocurrencies are highly volatile its almost impossible to predict their future value.

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